Global Conference Calls for Action to Harness Nature’s Potential

In the heart of Livingstone, Zambia, global thought leaders and changemakers have gathered for a week-long Global Conference, convened by the Global EverGreening Alliance in collaboration with the Government of Zambia, AFR100, and AUDA-NEPAD. With the pressing challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, and land degradation looming large, the conference aims to explore innovative strategies to scale up nature-based solutions and mitigate these urgent threats to our planet.

The event, officially inaugurated by Honourable Rodney Malindi Sikumba, Zambia’s Minister of Tourism, comes at a critical juncture for the country, grappling with its worst drought in recent history. “Zambia has just declared a state of emergency due to the ongoing drought. I therefore call upon this conference to work together to develop workable solutions to restore nature to help mitigate these effects of climate change,” Hon Sikumba said.

global conference
Honourable Rodney Malindi Sikumba, Zambia’s Minister of Tourism

Chris Armitage, CEO of the Global Evergreening Alliance, underlined the collaborative spirit of the Global Conference, emphasizing its focus on addressing barriers to scaling nature-based solutions. Dr. Michael Usi, Malawi’s Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change, echoed this sentiment, stressing the importance of solutions that resonate with local communities and are people-centered.

Mamadou Diakhite, Head of the Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Division, and leader of the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100) Secretariat pointed out that environmental degradation in Africa was threatening ecosystems, communities, and cultures. He lauded the attendees of the Global Conference and called for united stewardship of the earth and a commitment to heal and protect our shared home.

With over 500 diverse stakeholders from 54 different countries in attendance, the conference which will take place from 11-15 March 2024, promises to be a dynamic platform for collaboration, innovation, and actionable strategies. Over the coming days, participants will engage in discussions, share insights, and work towards concrete commitments to accelerate nature-based solutions at the community level through effective partnerships.

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