Governor Mohamud launches Relief food distribution

Marsabit Governor Mohamud Ali on Tuesday launched the second round of relief food distribution at Goro Rukesa in Sagante to cushion locals from the effects of severe droughts ravaging the region.

The donation which comprised rice and cooking oil will benefit 20,000 households across the county and 1,000 households in each ward with each beneficiary set to receive 25 kgs of rice and two litres of cooking oil.

The number of people severely affected by drought was identified by village elders.

The governor said his administration is working hand in hand with the National government to ensure the residents’ benefit and asked for more support, saying despite this effort, there are still many households that require food support.

He appealed to well-wishers to donate food to supplement government efforts in a bid to meet the needs of the people faced with starvation.

He emphasized the need for the committees charged with the responsibility to distribute relief food at the sub-county to ensure that only vulnerable people benefit.

He warned of dire consequences to those who will divert the relief food adding that no person will die of hunger.

He reiterated his commitment to the pursuit of unity amongst leaders and pledged to continue working with MCAs to serve residents of Marsabit county.

“I love peace and unity and working with all leaders regardless of their political affiliation. We want to unite all residents of Marsabit away from different political parties which are just a vehicle used in political campaigns,” said Governor Mohamud

The governor in his visit to Goro Rukesa mixed secondary school urged students to embrace lifelong education, disciplined and hard work to secure a bright future in life.

The second-term governor stated that his administration has given priority to education in its efforts to transform the county for the better.

The county boss said he initiated a scholarship program in 2019 and launched the 5th scholarship fund amounting to 143 million on Saturday in ensuring students from disadvantaged families are in school.

He said education is part of the foundation of all progress and growth both as an individual and as a society.

“My administration has continued to prioritize the education sectors as the foundation upon which sustainable development can be built,” he said

He asked the four members of Parliament to use part of the constituency development fund to educate those who failed to get county scholarships.

He urged residents to invest in planting trees to realize sustainable development and fight climate change, saying planting trees reduces the devastating impacts of climate change such as droughts.

The deputy governor Solomon Gubo Riwe regretted the disruptions of the traditional way of life for many pastoralists as the drought pushed many people with no livelihoods to town.

He said many people who mostly depend on livestock continue to be victims of climate change, something that has seen pastoralists lose animals and many families lack food and water.

Acting county commissioner David Saruni said those who go hungry due to erratic weather conditions should benefit from the relief food donation by the government.

He called upon Marsabit residents to team up with security personnel to curb the insecurity in the area.

He asked locals to give vital information to security agents so as to help in fishing out suspicious characters from the hideouts.

He further asked the locals to work together by engaging the youth in meaningful activities to avoid idleness which can lead to youth participating in crime.

“We can only eradicate security issues through educating the youth and ensuring we put extra effort to ensure we minimize school dropouts,” he said

The county assembly members present echoed the governor’s call for unity, stating that the county assembly had agreed to work with the Governor on a bipartisan basis and will support him to deliver his agenda for the electorates.

Marsabit central MCA Jack Elisha Godana pleaded with his colleagues in the county assembly to work closely with the county governor in order to save the people ravaged by drought, saying wrangles will only hinder service delivery.

Guyo Abdi a resident of Sagante said their biggest challenge is food compounded by the five consecutive failed rainy seasons and urged the government and humanitarian agencies to assist them before the situation becomes worse.

Source: The Star

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