How 7 Trees Account for the Annual Oxygen You Breathe

Forests have for centuries played a critical role in ensuring that humanity and wildlife are safe as the trees are crucial for both to thrive. Trees regulate the air that’s essential for survival and assist in the formation of rain also absorbing heat from the atmosphere.

Kenya Forest Service (KFS) is focused and geared towards conserving, sustainably developing, managing, and ensuring utilization of the country’s forest resources for the equitable benefit of present and future generations.

Chief Conservator of KFS Julius Kamau, during the Wakenya Tulindane media engagement, revealed the essence, and urgency of forests in restoring the ecosystems. Citing that up to 75% of the fresh water in Kenya is generated from forest catchment areas.

Mr. Kamau advised that forest protection is a divine obligation as the forests are our main resource and weapon in fighting the menace of climate change.

Citing that there has been a rise in the conflicts between humans- humans, wildlife-human, which is majorly a result of the extinction of trees and pasture in our habitats that lead to everyone dashing for the forests to secure a means of survival.

“When our crops fail, for instance in the prolonged drought that has seen most of the farms left bare, crops dying, rivers drying, well what’s the next option? It is the tree, the only thing left standing and that is why most of them are cut,” said Mr. Kamau.

He went ahead urging the need for everyone’s involvement in embracing nature restoration toward ensuring that we build back sustainable ecosystems capable of withstanding future natural calamities like droughts.

“Moreover, remember the trees’ capabilities are numerous and quite remarkable, as one tree can absorb up to 21kg of carbon dioxide while in turn producing 7 kg of oxygen.”

“We need to plant at least seven trees per person since it takes seven trees to provide oxygen for one person’s annual inhalation hence if you are in a case where you haven’t planted seven trees it would mean you are surviving on other people’s efforts,” added Mr. Kamau Julius.

The chief conservator also took the moment to invite everyone to the National Tree Planting Day of 21st December which will be graced by President William Ruto at Ngong Hills where 5600 trees are to be planted as the stride to 10 billion trees is embarked on.

Tree planting, he says is a term but tree growing is key, planting and ensuring they are well taken care of to grow is the aim. The action will see every county partake in the exercise amounting to up to 560,000 trees to be planted.

He lauded the Kenyans for taking a role in tree planting as the tree curve in Kenya is at 12.1% while the recommendations required not less than 10% cover which has been surpassed.

“Let’s embark on improving our forest curve majorly from the 8.3% level to a higher percentage through engaging in growing of trees wholeheartedly for it is divinity,” said Mr. Julius Kamau Chief Conservator Kenya Forest Services.

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