Ministry Calls for More Inclusion Ahead of National Youth Day

As the world prepares to celebrate International Youths Day, 12th August, which was first celebrated in the year 2000, the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Arts and Sports have launched the National Youth Week that will entail various programs and conversations amongst the youth. This will be in line with the climate action and green jobs discussions as youth participation is prioritized in nurturing them for their roles now and tomorrow.

The official launching of the National Youth Week is aimed at culminating more involvement of youth with a focus on Green Skills towards a sustainable world that is youth-centric. National Youth Week and International Youth Day focus on youth energy, cohesion, and promoting youth innovation, creativity, talent, and entrepreneurial initiatives in the green economy.

According to the Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Arts and Sports Mr. Ababu Namwamba, this journey commenced is focused on seeing the youths in the midst of all engagements within the government for they are the leaders of today and tomorrow.

“We should not hold back young people from running for political slots or occupying long leadership spaces. I was first elected to bunge at age 29. You can’t be old enough to vote but too young to participate,” said CS Hon Ababu.

Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Arts and Sports Mr. Ababu Namwamba

The CS further emphasized that Kenya has faced many disasters like floods, droughts, and other shortcomings; therefore, this has called upon the youth to participate in activities like green space since they are most affected. Revealing that the launch will feature dynamic exhibitions and a “hustlers’ bazaar,” which is an initiative aimed at empowering the youth to showcase and market their talents.

The State Department for Sports and the Arts Principal Secretary (PS) Ismail Maalim, detailed how crucial it is for the youths’ spaces and empowerment adding that it’s vital to empower the young people for they are a diverse and vast population that contributes to the socio-economic and political development of our country.

State Department for Sports and the Arts Principal Secretary (PS) Ismail Maalim

“To achieve this amicably as a ministry we have lined up activities such as hustlers’ bazaar, which will provide a platform for youth to monetize their talents. In addition, we have regional engagement in which the youth will be informed of the various government opportunities that are available to them, like the hustler fund, the Uwezo fund, and the National government affirmative action fund,” added PS Maalim.

The youth week brings together various players around youth empowerment and involvement like Dr. Pamela Olet, Chairperson of the Nairobi River Commission, Green Army Initiative, Kenya Forest Service, the University of Nairobi students, Kenya Film Classification Board also some innovators like Quinter from Dandora who makes art from recycled waste paper and uses them to highlight issues facing youths, among others.

The Vice-Chancellor Ag Prof. Julius Ogeng’o reiterated the vitality of the National Youth Week for enabling youth an opportunity to showcase and recognize the incredible contributions of youth towards the attainment of the national vision 2030 and the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Vice-Chancellor Ag Prof. Julius Ogeng’o

In conclusion, inclusivity has proven key in not only nurturing the youth to grow in the space of leadership and acquiring important skills to lead but also is evident in impacting change that is for the future good.

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